How Does it Work?

  • TENS – electrical stimulation used for pain relief, used to simulate nerves associated with sensation vs. movement.
  • NMES – electrical stimulation used for strengthening, used to stimulate nerves associated with movement vs. sensation.
  • E-Stim – application of electricity to acupuncture needles to provide a constant stimulation to the specific point and surrounding muscles.

How Does it Help?

  • TENS can be used to provide pain relief during range of motion exercises and over painful areas after surgery.¬† This type of pain relief helps patients participate in their therapy program.
  • NMES can be used in patients with neurologic disease and loss of function, the stimulation of muscles can strengthen before they regain the ability to fully contract a muscle themselves.
  • E-Stim in conjunction with acupuncture is often used for patients with neurologic disease to affect different pathways in the nervous system.