The Basics

  • Recovering from a broken bone, traumatic accident or amputation requires management of activity level and pain while addressing changes in balance and mobility.
  • Amputation results in alteration of the musculoskeletal system and changes in the symmetry of remaining limbs. Compensation for the amputation results in changes to the gait which may lead to short and long term complications.

Our Patients Recovering from Injury

  • Pets who have been involved in an accident or been injured and need assistance with mobility while managing pain.
  • Pets needing modification of activity after trauma or injury.
  • Pets recovering from a broken bone requiring targeted therapy to address muscle atrophy and strength of the affected limb.
  • Pets after amputation that need assistance regaining confidence and balance.

How Does Rehabilitation Help?

  • Assessing deficiencies in coordination, strength and balance allow development of targeted and progressive therapeutic exercise program.
  • Comprehensive multimodal pain management plan.
  • Rehabilitation focused on function and return to normal activity.