The Evaluation

The first visit or evaluation visit sets our staff and your pet up for success. This initial visit allows us to gather subjective data and combine that with your pet’s history to develop a comprehensive rehabilitation plan. We utilize the information provided by you, the owner, your pet’s family veterinarian, and any specialists involved in their care to ensure we are working toward the same goals. Whether we are planning a full recovery from orthopedic surgery, navigating loss of function after a neurologic injury, or discussing comprehensive pain management for geriatrics the evaluation is the first step.

Your Pet’s History

In advance of your visit, you can expect a detailed questionnaire about your pet’s current function, environment, medications, and challenges. We want to know what you notice at home and what concerns you have. We will request and review medical records relevant to those concerns.

During the Visit

Plan for the visit to take 90 minutes while we get acquainted, allow your pet to investigate the treatment area, and complete the evaluation.The room has secure footing and we have plenty of treats. We typically utilize a low and comfortable platform for the examination. Our goals are to measure the comfort and function of each joint. We determine what specific muscles are painful or have limitations in flexibility. We observe changes in the gait and any difficulty with sitting or rising.

Laser Treatment

We typically complete a LASER treatment at the conclusion of the evaluation and begin to discuss our findings. A comprehensive written report is shared with your family veterinarian to ensure your pet’s entire care team is kept informed. We will make recommendations for in-clinic therapy visits, share a customized at-home exercise plan, and detail options to address pain and pathology. If needed we will identify goals for improving nutrition, weight management, and a plan for supplement administration.

Our Goal

Our goal is that you leave the evaluation feeling that your questions have been answered and you feel equipped to start the journey of rehabilitation with your pet. We want to identify what is limiting function and comfort and then address those limitations one by one. We want to teach you how to play an active role in your pet’s recovery and treatment plan. We want to look at each evaluation as an opportunity to hope, heal and educate.